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Davco Render Coarse ECO is an environmentally friendly, high performance premixed plaster. Specially formulated to. Davco Render Coarse ECO is approved recycled material and chemical additives to provide a durable plaster for both internal and external use. Davco Render Coarse ECO is approved by the Eco-labelling authority in Singapore as a sustainable building material.


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- Davco Render Coarse ECO is an extremely versatile material, highly recommended for bedding, pointing brickwork and blockwork, backing and bedding for wall tiles.

- It is also recommended for internal and external plastering.

- Davco Render Coarse ECO is suitable for all types of concrete substrate, lightweight autoclaved aerated blocks, brickwall and blockwall.


Lower product carbon footprint when compared to similar plaster

Premixed to ensure good consistent quality

Mixing and application made easy

Eliminates all surface crack lines

High bonding strength

Good weather resistance and high durability

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